Amy Barker

I have always been a creative person. My mum used to say that you could put me in an empty room and I would come out having made something, Over the years I have painted and had various exhibitions in the southwest and I have to be very creative in my teaching job too. But like for many of us, going into Lockdown gave me a chance to think about doing something different. Although I did have to continue teaching throughout, it still was a time of reflection and allowed me to re-discover the inner creativity that has always been a part of me. The parasols were accidental almost, but the responses were so positive and overwhelming that it gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith and take a risk. The risk paid off and I have been incredibly busy since.

The parasols are 2.7m wide and are and sewn together with weatherproof fabric and hand painted on the inside with fabric and acrylic paint.

They are a labour of love and I have learnt a lot along the way and still am, but every single one is a unique piece unlike any other and a thing of beauty. Each time I finish one and have that lovely moment of putting it up for the first time, I smile at just how pretty they are.